This collaboration with NSCAD Professor Ericka Walker was produced as our contribution to a print portfolio called "Impressions" and was shown at the Ulrich Museum of Art at Wichita State University.
Our process evolved into a diptych rather than working in a sort of call and response through prints. The words in every piece in the edition was added by taking rubbings from a number of different monuments in and around the Halifax Regional Municipality, allowing us to form new phrases from existing ones
From the Ulrich Museum of Art Website:
IMPRESSIONS: A Professor / Student Collaborative revives this long tradition of communal portfolio making at Wichita State University. Conceived by MFA candidate Landon Schmidt under the tutelage of Assistant Professor Humberto Saenz, the exhibition involves the participation of fourteen academic programs. Partner schools range from the University of North Texas, to Columbia College, Chicago, to the Nova Scotia College of Art & Design. Each partner program paired a faculty member with a student (both undergraduate and graduate), who each produced the requisite thirty prints. These have now been combined into thirty completed portfolios—each including the works of all twenty-eight artists. All artists receive a complete portfolio, and the WSU School of ADCI Print Media program holds two additional sets for future study and exhibition.
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